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2024 Burnsy Pro by Kanuk Board Co Custom Wrap

2024 Burnsy Pro by Kanuk Board Co Custom Wrap

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 Introducing the BURNSY PRO - Unleash Your Wakesurfing Potential!

Custom Wrap! This allows an extra barrier to protect your board from scratches and dings, while giving you a crazy color not possible under the glassing! When you dont want it anymore, peel it off and you have a brand new white Burnsy under! Wrap will last up to 2 years. (No warranty on wrap)

Join the champions
with our signature board, designed by 5x World Champion, Connor Burns. The BURNSY PRO is the ultimate surf-style wakesurf board that delivers on every level. Experience easy rotations, unmatched speed, and impressive drive with its low nose rocker, hard stealth design rails, and deep concave.

What sets it apart?
We've upgraded the Burnsy Pro for 2024, prioritizing durability, quality and performance. Our new model features a carbon fiber stringer on both the top and bottom, ensuring maximum strength for those big tricks and hard landings. We've sourced the finest cloth from Australia, renowned for its exceptional quality, resulting in a whiter board that retains its vibrant color.

That's not all!
Each board now includes Sympl traction for enhanced grip and control, giving you the confidence to push your limits. We've listened to your feedback and repositioned the air release valve, ensuring it stays out of your way while allowing your board to breathe freely.

With high-quality fin boxes
and materials used throughout, the Burnsy Pro is engineered to elevate your performance and make waves on the water. Check out Connor's podium history and experience the board that truly delivers on its promises.

Upgrade to the BURNSY PRO and ride the future of wakesurfing today!

Same Day Fulfillment!

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