Wakesurf Lessons AZ

The lessons are pulled behind a 2023 Centurion Ri245 with 4x World Champion Connor Burns! Fastest Way To Progress! Learn the right techniques and be able to advance much faster! We can help with the following:

-Those struggling to get up

-Learn the basics to staying in the wave

-Learn basic tricks

-Learn how to recover tricks

-Learn advanced tricks

-Learning how to get bigger air

-HOW TO 360!!

-And more!



All lessons are done out of Scorpion Bay Marina at Lake Pleasant on Connor's 2024 Centurion Ri245. BB Talkin Radios are used to make sure you get the most info and assistance out of your lessons.

1 Hour: $600

2 Hours: $1,000

3 Hours: $1,400

4 Hours: $1,800

Over 4 Hours: Contact Me