Connor Burns getting air wakesurfing on the Burnsy Pro

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Connor Burns on the 2024 Burnsy Pro

Whats new for 2024?

Quality and Performance are our goals in 2024. For our newest model, we wanted to add even more durability. So we are now using a higher quality cloth along with a carbon fiber stringer on both the top and bottom of the board. Our cloth is imported from Australia where the best quality cloth is made! We use 4oz on the top and 6oz on the bottom for added strength. Our boards are more white than ever before and keep their color. We're also using Sympl traction for the front and rear traction which is now included with every board! We repositioned the air release valve to a better location so that its no longer in the center of the board. This allows your board to breathe while not being in the way of your riding. High quality fin boxes and material used for every 2024 model.

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